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     With Roark, you have an option. One step above our Classic Frame, you will find our Aero Frame - all the good looks and simplicity of the Classic but with an aero down tube.

    Unlike most titanium aero tubing, Roark down tubes have a distinct aero teardrop design. This shape is very difficult to achieve in titanium but with our aerospace background, it comes easy. While the aerodynamics of the down tube is important, this tube is also a critical element to frame rigidity. The teardrop shape terminates into a round profile that is 1-3/4” diameter creating a very rigid connection to the bottom bracket shell. This transitional shape cuts through the wind and insures that every pedal stroke transmits maximum power.

  • The Roark Mach 1 is quickly becoming our most popular frame. With the simple addition of the aero down tube, this frame takes on a new look that is favored by road riders and multisport athletes.


  • Wow… It is by far the stealthiest looking titanium frame on the planet!!! The Roark Mach 2 frame uses the same aero down tube as showcased on the Roark Mach 1. The next pièce de résistance is the aero seat tube. We have a rear wheel cutout that has been referred to as “a fabricated piece of art”. Instead of welding a flat plate on the back of the seat tube, we have utilized a slice of tubing which provides a concave shape for the wheel to tuck into. This design allows the seat tube to closely shroud the tire, creating a maximum aero advantage. Conventional dropouts, horizontal dropouts are available for 'Track' configuration.

    The next item that will catch your eye is the seat tube clamp. We are often asked “how did you do that?” The answer – we use a billet seat tube cap. The seat tube is comprised of two pieces – a cap that is pressed and welded into the seat tube. This cap is CNC machined from titanium bar. During this process not only do we shape it to match the seat tube profile, we also machine the seat post clamp into the billet.

  • Want wheels and groupo? Most Roark’s are ordered as complete bikes. Let us quote you for the one of your dreams. Call us at 317.852.3164 to discuss the many options, upgrades, and complete pricing.