• Have Bike - Will Travel

    Take it with you. A traveling Roark equipped with a coupling system allows an entire bike – up to 62cm – to be packed into a case that will pass as airline luggage. This avoids the airline surcharge normally associated with shipping bicycles. The coupler upgrade is a cost saving investment for the traveling cyclist. Since the airline surcharge is avoided, the coupler upgrade will essentially pay for itself within 8-10 flights. In addition, imagine the simplicity of wheeling around a 26 x 26 x 10 hard shell case instead of the alternative large and bulky cases.

    Two titanium S & S couplers are seamlessly welded into the tubes for an exact, positive connection every time. Amazingly, the coupled bike rides exactly like a comparable standard frame. No compromise in performance with only a 300 gram weight penalty. 

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  • Coupler components

    An S and S Coupling™ (patented) is a precision lug, machined to last.

    Hard-shell case and accessores

    The case measures just 26" x 26" x 10" deep and is acceptable as carry-on. Accessories include Travel Case, protective gear, cable splitters, sadle bag (with tool kit, including a coupler wrench) and a mini tire pump.

    Quick Cable Splitters

    Cable splitters allow the bike to separate into two pieces without affecting brake or shifting adjustments.