• Triathlete?.... Racer?.... Avid Cyclist?....

    A Roark custom titanium bike offers a range of custom fit bikes integrating the S&S coupler and travel case system so you'll be ready for your next adventure!! 


  • Your Roark custom titanium bike with the travel coupler system rides exactly like a traditional frame. There is no compromise in performance or durability. The S&S couplers are seamlessly welded into the titanium tubes adding a mere 300 grams to the overall frame weight. Also, your entire Roark coupler bicycle packs safely into the case. Your wheels, seat handlebars -- everything. There's even room left over for your shoes and riding clothes.

    System components include couplers; travel case with protective gear, cable splitters, saddle bag (with tool kit, including a coupler wrench) and mini tire pump. Full color instructions and labeling provide everything that you'll need to travel with your Roark. 

    We offer frames for a wide variety of ventures including Triathlon/Time Trial, Track, Road, Cyclocross/Gravel, Commuter/Mixed Terrain and Mountain.

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  • One of a kind custom titanium bikes

    In a customer satisfaction survey, Roark owners declared they could ride longer and more comfortably than with any previous bike.

    Roark builds custom titanium bike frames one at a time with the same precision and technology we use to craft aerospace components. You won’t find inventory here or in any other shop. Your Roark is created specifically for you. When we’re finished, your name will be etched into the frame, along with the serial number. At that moment, you’ll own the only one of its kind in the world.

    Discover the ride of your life. You’ll not only feel more comfortable on the bike, but you’ll perform better as well.


  • We don't just make it for you. We make it for the way you ride.

    A Roark custom frame is the culmination of a careful dialogue, called the fit. It's more than measuring leg length and riding weight, its talking about your history as a rider. We want to know where you ride, what kind of riders you admire, and how you approach each trip out. Tell us what makes a ride amazing for you, and we'll make the frame that takes you there.


  • What we make flies!

    Roark's capabilities as a manufacturer of exotic metal components far exceed the tools necessary to craft a custom titanium frame.

    Roark Fabrication has over 67 years of trusted experience in the Aerospace, Science and Energy field.

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  • Roark has perfected the titanium frame.

    Of all the materials we could have chosen for a bicycle frame, including carbon fiber, Roark chose titanium. Titanium’s key for use in bicycle frame manufacture comes from its low density (low weight), high strength, extended fatigue life (frames that last a lifetime) and corrosion resistance (rust free) properties. With a greater elongation tolerance (ability to bend back”) than steel, titanium frames are much more resistant to crash and shipping damage, a fact worth comparing to aluminum or carbon fiber alternatives.